Beginner FAQ

Resources for people getting started with Machine Learning

Are you learning machine learning?

Wandb is a tool for visualizing training and we hope that it's useful for everyone from experts to people just getting started. If you have general questions about machine learning you are welcome to ask them in our Slack channel. We have also made some free tutorial videos with example code that are designed to get you started.

One great way to learn machine learning is to start with an interesting project. If you don't have a project in mind, a good place to find projects is our benchmarks page - we have a variety of machine learning tasks with data and working code that you can improve.

Online Resources

There are a lot of excellent online resources for learning machine learning. Please send us a note if we should add anything here.

  • - Excellent practical machine learning classes and friendly community.

  • deep learning book - Detailed book available for free online.

  • Stanford CS229 - Lectures from a great class available online.