Company FAQ

How do I pronounce "wandb"?

You can pronounce it w-and-b (as we originally intended), wand-b (because it's magic like a wand), or wan-db (because it saves things like a database).

How much does this thing cost?

W&B is free as long as your projects are public or you are working on an academic or open source project. We are committed to staying free for academic and open source projects and making it easy to export data.

If you want to host private projects for a company, email us at

Do you offer an on-premises version of your software?

Yes! If you're interested tell us at

How is this different from TensorBoard?

W&B is a distributed, cloud-hosted solution. Your results are saved forever, and our interface is still snappy after 1000's of runs. We offer additional features such as system metrics, commit history, experiment notes, dashboards, and advanced search and aggregation across runs and projects.

Who has rights to the data?

You can always export and delete your data at any time. We will never share data associated with private projects. We hope that when you can, you will make your work public so that other practitioners can learn from it.

We hope to discover and share high level patterns to move the field of machine learning forward. For example, we wrote this article on how people are not fully utilizing their GPUs. We want to do this in a way that respects your privacy and feels honest. If you have any concerns about data privacy, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out at

Why are you building these tools?

At Weights & Biases our mission is to build the best tools for machine learning. Our experienced technical cofounders built Figure Eight, and our tools are being used by cutting-edge machine learning teams including OpenAI and Toyota. We enjoy making useful tools, and the best part of our day is interacting with people who are building real models using our product.