Kind messages from Weights & Biases users

Ian Thompson, Latent Space

"I didn’t think we’d be even considering abandoning TensorBoard at this point. The biggest advantage of wandb viz over TensorBoard for us is the ability to modify viz and sweep reports more easily after the runs have already started. We’ve been using this a lot especially with long runs and sweeps where we realize midway through there’s another way to think about the data/problem. It’s also been super helpful for communicating with an increasing number of remote collaborators and researchers.

We’re mocking out sweeps as a placeholder for things like “Figure 3” in a potential paper before running it, but with a little cleanup we could turn those sweep visualizations into the Figure 3 in the paper! It’s great to not have to go to a separate notebook for this, and have one place where multiple people can analyze and contribute."

Matthew Clapp, PhD from Johns Hopkins

Effortless python usage, and excellent visualization of my experiments. Minimal hassle, maximum benefit.

Ivan Oršolić, Ori Codes

Your tool is very easy to set up (well documented!) and works great.

Dongwhan Jang, Seoul National University

Awesome UI for logging. Cross-platform(library) support. Excellent customer service. Free for an academic use. Easy for beginners etc..

Apoorve, Frost Labs

WANDB has made experimentation just so much more easy! I cannot express how much I love WANDB and how dependent our team has become on this wonderful tool. Love from India!